Asturias and cycling are the same body
Pedro Delgado, Tour de France Champion
You won't feel like a cyclist until you conquer Paradise
Asturias is the place where cyclists, sooner or later, discover what they have been looking for all their lives

This season

Opinions and comments

I can state that everything that has been said about La Cubilla is an understatement.  Without a doubt it is one of the great secrets of cycling in Spain.

Ángela Guzmán , Madrid (Spain)

The ascensión of El Angliru that I saw on televisión seemed unattainable to me. WithBike Paradise I fulfilled a dream that I will not forget and I got to know the city of Oviedo, its old town, its museums, its restaurants. Sport and tourism perfectly fit.

Juan Romero, Murcia (Spain)

For us, going to Los Lagos de Covadonga was the goal. Along the way, we also ended up enjoying the coast of Llanes. We have both discovered a región to which we will certainly return with Bike Paradise.

Giuseppe & Paola, Bergamo (Italy)

With Bike Paradise I have climbed and enjoyed legendary mountain passes that I did not know. They knew how to make the experience easy and pleasant.

François de Malherbe, Bordeaux (France)

Asturias is a region full of incredible places to practice cycling at all levels. Bike Paradise prepared a trip for me that I will never forget.  All this topped off with great regional cuisine....

John Mayer, Southampton (England)