Terms & Conditions

All reservations with Bike Paradise are subject to the following conditions:


At the beginning of each season we open the early booking system for our closed or custom trips. The client, after requesting the reservation of the trip and giving Bike Paradise all the details of it (dates, participants, reservation of bicycles ....), Will receive within 48 hours a quote via email. This budget will be valid for one week from which Bike Paradise can release the dates and means budgeted to the client.

If the client accepts the budget within a week, he must pay 50% of it through the link in said budget and by any means of payment that Bike Paradise has at that moment. The remaining 50% will be made 15 days before the start date of the trip.

If the reservation is made less tan one month before the budget is accepted, 100% of the amount indicated in it must be paid.


If for any reason the client has to cancel his trip, the cancellation must be confirmed in writing to Bike Paradise:

· Within 30 days after the reservation, we will refund your deposit in full, provided there are more than 30 days to complete the contracted trip.

· If the cancellation occurs in the last 30 days before the start date of the trip, Bike Paradise will penalize the Client with 25% of the total amount of the trip accepted in the budget.

· If the cancellation occurs within 15 days prior to the start date of the trip, when the client has already paid 100% of the amount budgeted, Bike Paradise will penalize the client with 50% of the total value of the trip.


We accept payment by creditcard or bank transfer.


Bike Paradise reserves the right to make hotel and route modifications that are necessary due to circumstances beyond its control and undertakes to inform the participants as soon as possible.

Bike Paradise reserves the right to cancel the trip, in which case all payments, including the deposit, will be refunded. This will constitute the complete settlement.


Participants are responsable for having adequate travel insurance that covers accidents, personal injuries, evacuation and medical costs, loss of luggage and cancellation. Bike Paradise is not responsable for personal injury, death, property damage or other losses, whether due to accident, cancellation, delays or any other issue beyond our control.

Bike Paradise is not responsable for the legal infractions committed by the Client in the development of activities such as: contravening traffic regulations, pedaling under the influence of alcohol or drugs, pedaling without a helmet, with headphones ....

Bike Paradise has the insurance required by law to carry out its activity: accidentinsurance and liabilityinsurance.

Customer identification :

The Client will be identified by the ORIGINAL document of a valid DNI, Passport or driver's license. Any person signing this agreement, either on their behalf or on behalf of another natural or legal person, will be jointly and severally liable for these obligations of THE COMPANY.

General terms and conditionsofbicyclerentalservices

The rental rates of bicycles are fixed and determined at the time of the request and accepted by the client with the reservation and confirmation of payment. Theclient declares that the delivered ASSETS conform to the agreed category (technical characteristics and specifications), the object of the GOOD is to comply with the use for which they are rented.

Delivery and return, THE CUSTOMER acknowledges that the ASSETS rented by the COMPANY are delivered and delivered in perfect mechanical condition and without apparent defects. The CLIENT will return the COMPANY ASSETS in the same condition on the date indicated between the parties in the agreement. If the ASSETS are used in breach of the "Conditionsof use" that are indicated in the rental contract, Bike Paradise reserves the right to finalize the agreement and recover the ASSETS at any time, at the expense of the CLIENT.

 Damage and theft: In the case of theft, loss or damage (alsopartial) during the rental period of the ASSETS provided for rental by Bike Paradise, the customer must pay the COMPANY the marketvalue (Price of sale to the public at the time of the theft) of the new PRODUCTS and / or all resulting losses and expenses. Bike Paradise will make this charge with the form of usual payment.